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I can’t compose a sentence today. All my concentration has been devoted to the production of category and sub category and sub sub category web pages that me thinks me mind has turned into one of those blooming onions. So! Today’s post will be dedicated to tactile paper goods. Ga bless CMYK and the printed page in all its shapes and forms.

Like these fun and seemingly simple garlands from Bookity.

Paper lanterns by Czechpub


two more finds go here…


Being as I am, for now, a temporary employee for the next 6 weeks, I feel I can justify the cost of a new bag to the lineup. I’ve been in the market for quite a while, keeping a laser eye beam out at all times. I know we’re nearly into Spring and Summer fashion but I loves me some leather or canvas heft. And the bigger the better. A large bucket or sizeable tote with plenty of compartments that holds a plethera of  ‘important’ shit.

I like these preppy numbers from J.Crew: (but what’s going on with that second handle? Interesting.)

Or these supple leather suckers.

I’m not a clutch person. Again, with the size issue. But I’m willing to make an exception in the case of this Orla Keily oversized clutch (left) – it’s the size of notebook paper, with its most attractive candy green lucite buckle, or this feminine wrist clutch from Anthropolgie.

Speaking of Orla, I checked out her latest offerings and found this twofer, a bag that unzips into TWO bags. I’ll give her points for innovation, but not the 575 dollars for the bag, er, bags.

For the snowboarder in me? From Dakine:

Classic black from Dean and B. Makowsky:

Okay, yeah, it’s a bit pretentiously Martha and stark cold, but a few (or five) of these pretty pieces would really accent a colorful display against a book shelf, tabletop or office area. Huh? Huh? You feel me?

Bowls, dishes and vases from the Fleet Objects studio of Zoe Garred.

These little cuties from Pretty Random Objects.

Faceted bowl from JDS Architects.

Faux bois ceramic tea light holders and mini mushrooms for your terrarium from Jade Flower.

Handthrown pottery from Sara Paloma.

Front and Company (3772 Main Street, between 21st & 22nd Ave., Vancouver, BC)

This consignment slash gift store was jam-packed and mildly intimidating. I didn’t have the kind of time to spend in here as I’d like, as I had to meet up with Cory. You really have to slowly sift through these crammed racks. Lots of 2nd-hand, brand named designers at fairly reasonable prices, including nice leather satchels, vintage jewelry and home decor items. (A la Sand Dollar on Anna Maria Island)

Leave it to the Swedes. These muted, gestural toys are frigging awesome down to their shellacked-as-all-get-out finishes. I love the boon in children’s modern toys, and these fit in nicely. The company is called Playsam. I know some people think that modernist children’s toys are cold and pretentious (i.e. those Eames-like doll condos), but I don’t think so. I think they’re incredibly instructive with form and color and abstraction.  Now, if you’re a weird, anal, asshole parent who hates getting things dirty–that’s a problem. Mix in your modern with your teddy bears and ducky blankets and heirloom rocking chairs. Eclecticism, baby!

The Regional Assembly of Text (3934 Main Street, Vancouver BC)

Very much like a Little Otsu in San Francisco, this shoppe was so disturbingly well organized with items purposefully and meticulously displayed, it was almost like an art installation. Owned by Rebecca Dolen & Brandy Fedoruk, two alums from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, their infatuation with all things text is very apparent. The store features many lovely things designed and built by them. They also hold a Letter Writing Club the first Thursday of every month.



Another gem discovery at Vancouver Special on Main: Dot cushions by Danish furniture company, HAY.

They come in a gorgeous variety of colors, with contrasting buttons. The cushions have different buttons on each side so you can ‘flip your look’. (Note, Kath: but not contrasting/differing fabric on either side!)  The wool fabric also had a satisfying heft and soft pill to it. Prices: 45 x 60 cm (Single Button) $125; 40 x 74 cm (2 buttons) $150

Loved this round rug from Hay too ($499-$2,899):

And these quilts ($175-$275):