I just got back from a little excursion to Vancouver, B.C., with a mission to hit the shops on Main, in the heart of Mt. Pleasant neighborhood – (I usually hit that stretch of Fourth St., Robson or Granville.) Main’s got less flair than those other commercial stretches but there are a few gems in the rough – (which I’ll be blogging about here).

Vancouver Special is a retail store offering a carefully curated selection of contemporary furniture, sofas, design objects, household accessories, and art and architecture books. I’m regretting now not picking up an art book I saw, thinking: oh, I’ll see if I can’t find it cheaper on ebay or Amazon. Now I can’t find it at all. That’s what I get!

Discovered these beautiful stackable candlesticks designed by Danish designer Christian Uldall. Each piece is sold separately ($32), and can be mixed and matched to make various combinations. The pink is a actually bright pink (not so muted in this photo), as is the yellow and kelly green – all choice colors, plus a lovely grey, white (all lacquered to high hell) and an all natural. Really, really wanted to buy some, more like 10! But I held my ground. For another time, when I have a greater surplus.