Being as I am, for now, a temporary employee for the next 6 weeks, I feel I can justify the cost of a new bag to the lineup. I’ve been in the market for quite a while, keeping a laser eye beam out at all times. I know we’re nearly into Spring and Summer fashion but I loves me some leather or canvas heft. And the bigger the better. A large bucket or sizeable tote with plenty of compartments that holds a plethera of  ‘important’ shit.

I like these preppy numbers from J.Crew: (but what’s going on with that second handle? Interesting.)

Or these supple leather suckers.

I’m not a clutch person. Again, with the size issue. But I’m willing to make an exception in the case of this Orla Keily oversized clutch (left) – it’s the size of notebook paper, with its most attractive candy green lucite buckle, or this feminine wrist clutch from Anthropolgie.

Speaking of Orla, I checked out her latest offerings and found this twofer, a bag that unzips into TWO bags. I’ll give her points for innovation, but not the 575 dollars for the bag, er, bags.

For the snowboarder in me? From Dakine:

Classic black from Dean and B. Makowsky: