Speaking of bad wall art (see Shrooms post), let’s talk lovely wall art. That of C. Jeré. I didn’t know this until a wiki search that Curtis Jere is a compound nom-de-plume of artists Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels. The two founders combined pieces of their own names to create the C. Jeré signature. Vintage C. Jeré works are highly collectible and can sell for thousands of dollars. I’m smitten with the sunbursts that have birds on them, especially the one with the black v shaped birds.

Do you have one of his sculptures above your sofa, Miss Kathy?

This sunburst mirror from Crate & Barrel at an affordable price of $200:

In an exclusive partnership with Jonathan Adler, the C. Jeré studio has reissued their most iconic mid-century designs. This one for a mere $1,100.