Today’s trend of the week: mushrooms

On my quest to find raw materials at 2 Goodwills and 1 St. Vincent de Paul today (President’s Day sale, y’all! – with apologies, Mr. Presidents), I came across four or five  mushroom plaques from the 70s. Most of them were not the pretty kind, grime-y with oranges and yellows. Also happened upon a lot of unfinished wood plaques. I left the plaques because I wasn’t sure what I would paint on them. (I think it was the low blood sugar that left my brain feeling slow.) It just hit me that I could modernize them with uber Sevi-like cuteness, a re-up on the old 70s decor.

Love the leaves too on this needlepoint pillow.

Crowded Teeth phone cover.

Bidding up to $26. on these guys – worth every penny.

I think this Santa has smoked one too many.

TV trays on ebay