Art Seiden, you had me at Sonny the Bunny! Look at those trees – they might as well be master blueprints for vintage Sevi shrubbery!

This pink and yellow toned wood scene is nothing short of fantastic.

Aurelius Battaglia has a way with drawing people – characters. I need to find this book – The Fireside Book of Favorite American Songs:

The linework of Frankie’s face is very Al Hirshfeld. I wonder if he was influenced by Aurelius’s work – or the other way around …

It’s kind of amazing that he’s illustrated some darker or adult subject matter – lovers, death, violence, war. I suppose this isn’t a true kid’s book per se. The image of the long-faced cowboys carrying a coffin is such a strong image, even stronger with its bright palette of colors.  You don’t see such regard to this kind of material in books today.

Bernice Myers, The Pear Shaped Hill, Water All Around, Button Bunny, Captain Joe and the Eskimo:

I can’t seem to find anything more of Grace Gabler. I think she’s done 2 other books aside from A Child’s Alphabet:

A Dragon in a Wagon illustrated by John Martin Gilbert