Feeling slightly off and uninspired today, but I’m going to rally, damn it. If it kills me. I vill be productive.

In honor of today’s holiday, I’m finding little covetous craft projects and items heart-themed or ‘made with love’.

Copper wood grained heart earrings and Wood (from different trees and areas of the world) heart charm bracelet from The Polkadot Magpie on Etsy.

Victorian Station banner on Etsy.

Felted heart mobile which hangs in row by Reyaveltman. She felts some lovely necklaces too. Wanting

Recycled wooden type signs by William Dohman on Etsy.

I’ve always had a soft spot for sandwich sugar cookies with jam centers. These are so pretty. I’m wondering if I should attempt these today… Here’s the recipe via Martha of course.

Packaging, cards and crayon hearts, oh my! Must try this craft project with kiddies some time.

I couldn’t pass up this photo. Dar. Ling. So the “Valentine” craft here is to stitch a felt heart onto a hat. That’s it. Seems kind of half-assed for the Martha Craft Dept. But I guess easy peasy for the craft-challenged.

Felt fortune cookies. I like this.