This week, all this talk and viewing of illustrated maps has inspired me to created my own! Action! Inspiration? Can it be??

But where should I pull this inspiration from?

On our trip to Europe in October 2008, Cory and I got visited a quiet little town on the Cote d’Azur, Antibes! I fell in love. I wanted to move there. Cue dream bubbles of a rich lifestyle where we’re afforded a second home spent on summer vacations… Maybe it was the Picasso Museum (Pablo’s one of my favorite fine artists, for one.) which is housed in an old military fort-like castle, maybe it was the sleepy, carefree vibe that people seemed to carry or maybe it was the beautiful Mediterranean coastal line that could be viewed for miles. (Sigh!)

We lucked out that Sunday afternoon – most of France shuts down, as was the case in Cannes, so we took the train to the next city and ended up in Antibes. It was a fantastically bright sunny day where many French (or tourist?) families were sunning themselves on the pristine beaches. I wished I brought my suit. After the Museum, we walked along the boardwalk where old men played boccé and women walked their petit cheins, spent some time at the beach – dipped a toe or two into the Med Sea – grabbed a few silky stones that now sit at the base of my Mac, went into some lovely shoppes, noshed on a yummy nicoise. It was a perfect day.

Joie de Vivre

Side note: I totally missed the Picasso exhibit at SAM. I knew I would. I kept putting it off for another day. Now it’s gone. Damn it! Well. I’ll just have to go to Paris to view it en personne. At some point Cory and I need to plan our trip back to Europe, our honeymoon. We were going to go this spring, but it keeps getting pushed back.

Side note II: I came across this blog about an expat’s travels to the south of France. Tres bon.