I weighed myself today. (Pause for shock and awe.)

I’ve been avoiding the scale for weeks now. It keeps popping up in my periphery like a horror film serial killer.

I know it’s not about a being a certain size. Blah-friggin-blah. I think I’m realistic about never fitting into size 8 jeans. It’s not negative, it’s just a matter of accepting my body type. Hips galore! It is about maintaining a healthy size.

I have been exercising. (Though, I took MLK off.)  Trying to keep up the running – though lately it takes more energy. But I’m noticing my clothes getting tighter, my belly getting bigger, my ass looking rounder. So what the hell? Calorie intake obviously. I just can’t shut my mouth.

I was reading this month’s issue of Real Simple on the treadmill yesterday (yes, I can read whilst running – though maybe that’s a huge sign I’m not working hard enough!) – more specifically their “Be Happier This Year” feature. I’m trying to absorb all I can to snap out of this wretched funk. They had some good tips. One of which of course is exercise. They say exercise releases a brain-derived neurotrophic protein that has an antidepressant effect. I hope I benefit from this as well. Just received February’s issue of “delicious super foods”. Are the folks at Real Simple onto me and my funk or what? I can’t wait to dive into that read.

So, as part of my Defunkamatization, I’m going to track my progress to maintain a healthy weight for my age and height. It’ll be great – I’m excited!