Over the holidays I purchased, among many things more Christmas-related, this pair of bowls from the good folks at Crate and Barrel. I could wax poetic about the joys and virtues of Crate and Barrel and CB2, but then you already know this. They’re one of those companies I wish I could work at if only to get my mitts on their institutional style guide. But I digress.

The bowls: This first bowl pleases me in every way — color, pattern, size. Very reminiscent of our designs — taking a macro look at a motif. It’s called “Lattice”. I would also call that color, “lemongrass”.

The second is equally pleasing. I love the poppy orange/red, and the vaguely Asiatic motif. Hm, anything there around Asian patterns? Must research.

P.S. Crate and Barrel, thank you for years of good design, and for always being YOU.