Tonight, I’m sketching while watching some of last season’s episodes of Mad Men. Love everything about this series from Hendriks’ swanky saunter (which should be accompanied by a jazzy, cymbal soundtrack, which I can’t mimic through words here) to the creepy, dysfunctional storylines. The art direction is amazing, down to the faux wicker-patterned upholstery, titanium-rimmed highballers, to Betty Draper’s kitchen cabinets- which were so similar to my Grandmother’s.

I do this A LOT – rewatch TV series (or certain movies read: Christopher Guest) when I’m bored, lonely, down, uninspired, cleaning or suffering from insomnia. Buffy, Firefly, Ab Fab, The Simpsons, Sex and the City, Law and Order, Veronica Mars, Monk, Golden Girls. Ah, the comfort of those old virtual friends or maybe it’s the comfort of knowing how things will turn out, or the comfort of reliving good memories when I first watched a particular episode and where I was in life. With all those things, I hope my behavior doesn’t mean I need more medication!

Kathy, what are your favorite series you habitually turn to for instant satisfaction? I know Thirty Something is one of them …