And on the heels of your last post Bridget (excuse, I need to wipe the slobber off my chin from looking at those Sevi you just got)–I feel you in terms of looking for new music. Is there anything more inspiring than a song/artist that moves you to hit repeat and loop continually? I’m in an R&B rut (Pandora to blame there;), and although there are lots of good new R&B singers, I won’t bore you with those gems 😉

I’ve also been back into singer/songwriters, with British blue-eyed soul sisters topping my personal charts. I know the Duffy/Amy W./Lily Allen thing dropped a couple-some-odd years ago, but I’m totally hooked on Adele, especially this song:

Also into the new Mark Ronson cd, lots of featured folks. Remix of Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie”:

And, yes, I’ve fallen prey to Florence and the Machine:

Leaving you with some classic Biggie and Tupac freestyle:

Perhaps we make it a point to search out some new music! Pump that shit!