Hurray for packages in the mail! And hurray for vintage wooden children’s toys from Sevi. On the happy trail of Kathy’s last post, I share the most recent addition to my collection. A folksy-inspired farm house (whose roof pops off to store all pieces), equipped with 4 trees with excellently-painted leaves, 2 little peeps, a watering trough, and a generous grouping of fine specimens. Yes, we are sick with this disease. And may we nay-ver get well! I think I spent an hour and a half this morning scouring the interwebs for shiny, all natural treasures. Why are they so hard to find? Are people hoarding them somewhere? Why won’t they share and / or give them up for sale for those who will truly appreciate them? My wish is for Sevi to revive this wickedly cute style and color palette of painted toys versus the really atrocious line they currently sell. These please me so.