Mama is so out of the loop when it comes to music.  When was she ever on the pulse? In college, maybe?  I think I’m out, because my body tends to reject the poppy anthems of today’s youth. Mama is OLD! If I hear that fucking Train song one more time, I’ma raise up and keeeel somebody. UGGGGH! (The Wire is rubbing off on me something fierce.) I can’t reach the mute button fast enough. Cue the sound of knives sharping on one of those giant-ass wheel thingies. Peer-peeer-peer-peeeeer! Sparks flying. I have this reaction to a lot of current music. A lot. Drake who? Oh. That guy that sings with Rihanna. Girl, you don’t neeeeed him! To my fellow blogger and homie Kathy, don’t hate!

All hail, Pandora! I’m late to the game, but rediscovered Phoenix via Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere soundtrack. (Note to self: See film.) Actually, I really liked “Too Young” off of Lost in Translation with its upbeat/hitting the city at night with old friends/all is good in life – kind of vibe. Need this in my rotation and ingrained in my attitude. Miike Snow, Black Keys, Jenny and Johnny, Sleigh Bells, will you be my friend? Good verk music is so vital and instrumental in our workflows inn’it? I gotsta “get crackin-get crackin get, get, get crackin’!” One resolution for 2011 is to gain some new-music chops. Have you got anything for me?