Ever since the great eBay find of 2011 (attributed to one Bridget Sawicki)–a vintage wooden playset of Scandinavian- looking animal blocks–I have been on an obsessive hunt to find a similar set. Verrrry hard to find one of such of breadth and condition. In the meantime I have chanced upon some neat-but-not-exactly-the-same wooden cutout blocks, and the aesthetic is definitely something I’m into now. Peruse:

Love the obvious connection to mid-century images and palette. I especially love the top piece’s palette: copious amounts of yellow, olive and white punched onto blue. I also love the flatness and matteness. I find tons of inspiration in children’s toys, mostly vintage and vintage-inspired. Yesterday my friend and I were talking about her niece and nephew getting into Legos. I talked about my Playmobil sets. Today while ebay searching I had fond memories of those flat wooden puzzles I played with in kindergarten…pushing in the shapes until they fit….