Every grueling exercise program begins with that first step. So today I am contributing my first post in this partner blog (Hollah Bridget), and I’m trying to keep my eyes on the ground instead of far into the horizon. 100 posts of 100 days of 100 instances of inspiration!! Holy crap! Ok, here goes…

Recently I’ve been looking to replace our old OXO teapot, which we’ve used for many years in ignorant bliss. Called the “Uplift”, it is a lovely combination of form and function, and had pride of place in our kitchen. Like all OXO products, the grip on this teapot was perfectly ergonomic and comfortable. The elegant hinge motion offered “effortless pouring” (truly!) and the enamel poppy finish was perfectly suited to our decor. It truly felt like the Mercedes of tea kettles. Until…

One day I was cleaning it, and noticed the inside had started RUSTING!!! WTF??? Rust in my OXO teapot?????? Fuck that! After my initial shock wore off, I called Poison Control and asked if we were in any danger from drinking rusty-ass water for god knows how long. She informed me that I was okay, and to calm down (ok, I made up that last part). After the shock came the anger, and after the anger, disappointment. As happens, the quest to replace it has been slow, as we consider all our choices. Finally, the other day, online, I have discovered that our friends at LeCreuset have a teapot to answer our prayers! A perfect mix of modern and classic. And the powder coated enamel colorways are just sublime. I’ve just never imagined them on anything but their dutch ovens! YAY!

Just reminds me of how one piece can really do so much for a space (much like a throw pillow, wink, wink). Check out my 3 faves. Coincidence that they conjure images of the beach?

LeCreuset teakettles in Caribbean, Kiwi, and Onyx

– Kathy