Ah, the first blog post. No pressure, y’all! None. Nope. Nada. We gonna have fun up in h’ya! * And we gonna leave it at that.

Paralyzed by this little quest to scope and track 100 days of pure unadulterated visual stimulation, I headed to Barnes & Noble.

I heart magazines. I really hope they never meet their demise the way my former employer did. (How naive and hopeful.) I love their glossy, slick covers, the range of design treatments, the typography and photography. The way they’re presented – rows upon rows of categorized content for the quilting bee, the motocross head, the Twilight fan. There’s something for everyone. I could live here. And will come here often, I’m sure, over the course of our journey.

What grabbed me today was the cover of this month’s issue of Hi Fructose and the reason for my first post.  A.J. Fosik sculpts totemic and mythical-like beasts out of wood, paint and nails.

He and I have some things in common. We are inspired by folk art. We dig color palettes of warm neutrals paired with hot pinks and sky blues. We have a proclivity towards iconic graphics, geometric shapes and a knack for being consumed by our painstakingly detailed creations.

I was really drawn to this one piece entitled “The Third Way Out”, seen below. It just really spoke to my current state of mind. Crazed. Alone. Delirious, and there’s that word again: Paralyzed, in a ‘What-do-I-do-with-the-head-now?’ sort of way. Surprisingly, it made me laugh and I couldn’t stop looking at it. The impeccable layers of wooden feathers give it such a rich tactileness.

The article goes onto to explain that Fosik, “a self-proclaimed atheist, does not create these gilt idols in reverence of religious worship, but in spite of it.” From Fosik himself: “I think much of my work is in fact a reaction to all of these idiots running around saying they have all the answers when clearly no one does.” I like this. It speaks to the we’ve-reached-an-all-time-low-self-esteemed artist in me that is surrounded by artists who have their hautey chosen path. And creepy still, it speaks to the current questioning or rationale of why I maintain my faith. Why I cling to decent (read: low trauma – high guilt – low crazy-indoctrination) childhood upbringing as a Catholic.

But luckily, without delving too deep for a first post, it reminds me of the effervescent days of 3D class and inspires me to want to buy a heap of balsa wood and create my own ghastly cute idol! Ooooo, maybe I will! Stay tuned.

Check A.J. Fosik out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_in6MbARF4s

*May this blog oust any and all notions of perfection and fucking grandiose ideas I have about putting myself out there. Thoughts, sketches, art, whatever it may be.